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Highly Adjustable with Smooth Transitions

The BASI Systems Wunda Chair has an innovative pedal design that extends mobility, offers smooth transitions and fine-tuning adjustability of spring tension and handle height. Your BASI Systems Wunda Chair comes with prepared ports to seamlessly accommodate the revolutionary F2 System upgrade.

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- Smooth transitions between resistance settings without removal of springs

- Rounded ergonomic split pedal offers comfort as well as consistent and broad range of motion

- Seat, pedal, and handle grips are covered in orthopedic cushioning with easy-grip antibacterial material

- Removable handles have four locking positions every 6.5 centimeters, 2.56 inches

- Prepared ports support the F2 System upgrade, adding a finely adjustable spring system to chair work

- Equipped with silicon wheels for quick & easy mobility


F2 system

BASI Systems revolutionary F2 System adds unparalleled versatility and precision in spring angle and resistance settings. Multiple F2 System can be added to the four existing ports along your reformer and can be used individually or in unison.

Color Options

01 Anthacite Grey

02 Dark Cool Sand

03 Campfire Orange

04 Burgundy

05 Moonless Night Black

06 Pristine White

07 Dark Navy

08 Petrol Green


- wooden frame width 28.7” (73 cm.) / length 35.5” (90 cm.) / height 24.5” (62 cm.) - with handles minimum height 46” (117.5 cm) / maximum height 55.5” (141 cm.) padded surface of the seat width 21.7” (55 cm.) / length 17” (43 cm.) / height 2.36” (6 cm.) WEIGHT 53 lb (24 kg.) 

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