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We are happy to announce that BASI Systems signed an agency agreement with Simone Wagenaar in New Zealand. She is a BASI Pilates Host and a Local Faculty here. The Physio Pilates Studio in Auckland is where you can find her.

We want to welcome her to our family.

About Simone Wagenaar.

She has been certified with BASI Pilates South Africa in 2007 and spent her Foundation years teaching under the wing of Principle Faculty Theo Botha. BASI Pilates South Africa holds very special place in her heart and she still visits whenever she can. She is a complete BASI Pilates nerd and sees the journey to be a good instructor as an endless ambition.

When arriving in New Zealand in 2010, she was the only BASI Graduate in the country and she started her quest to create more awareness for BASI Pilates and grow the BASI Pilates Family. She was invited to join the BASI Faculty at the start of 2018 and started to have relationships with BASI HQ, BASI Korea, BASI South Africa and BASI Australia to expand her BASI Family Globally.

Outside of Pilates, you can find her running or hiking in the beautiful New Zealand landscape, reading or listening to music. Appreciating art and theatre or under the water with her 'free-diving-spearfishing-hunter-gathering' husband, Andre.

Her words about our collaboratation

“The relationship between BASI's education and BASI Systems is something I have experienced first hand teaching BASI's Comprehensive Global Course. I would like to continue to grow with BASI Systems and encourage not only our students and BASI Graduates to work and teach on BASI Systems equipment, but also other New Zealand Instructors, who may not have had the chance to 'feel' and experience The Work on equipment intelligently made for movers by movers. “

Her vision and mission

“...has always been to grow the BASI community and inspire instructors and clients in the community around me. This includes introducing others to BASI Pilates, BASI Systems and our Sister Brands. We are now ready to expand our reach to Instructors everywhere in New Zealand. “