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Kittikarn Tantanasarid's Favorite BASI Systems equipment

Nada Al-Barzinji, born and raised in Washington, DC, was working in a mundane bank job when she discovered Pilates at Carrie Smith’s studio in Herndon, Virginia back in 2010.  Post pregnancy and suffering from back issues, Pilates helped Nada regain her strength and build her confidence; she was hooked from day one! She became a BASI-certified mat instructor before relocating to Bahrain, building her practice and her loyal client base in her home studio. A few years later she completed the BASI Comprehensive Training and in 2018 she opened the beautiful and serene Breathe Pilates, now a BASI Host Studio fully equipped with BASI Systems.

Nada loves digging deep into the Pilates method to gain a true understanding of each movement and it’s impact on the body. She loves her BASI family and is constantly learning from some of the best, attending workshops and seminars around the world and/or online. A stickler for precision, she pushes her clients and instructors to adhere to the Pilates principles and fully embrace the benefits of the practice. Her attention to detail and passion for Pilates gained her an invitation to join the BASI Faculty in 2020, and she is proud to be able to spread BASI love around the world.

When I built my new studio in Bahrain two years ago, I decided to purchase BASI Systems. They were still a relatively new company at that time and I had spent years working on other machines, but because of my loyalty to BASI I wanted to give them a chance.

I made the right decision! Everyone who comes to my studio falls in love with the look and feel of the equipment. The machines are comfortable and the sizing options are endless. BASI Systems staff have been friendly and helpful every step of the way.

I am proud to be a BASI host studio using BASI Systems.