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BASI Systems through the Lens of Dimitrios Grigorellis

In April 2016, in our first acquaintance with BASI Systems at their stand at FIBO, I was impressed by the quality and elegance that was evident in the equipment. But the reason that made me want to be a member of this team was the acquaintance with the people of the company.

Our journey started in June of the same year and since then I feel grateful and lucky that they chose Real Motion, for their distribution in Greece and later in Romania in 2020.

Real Motion acquired a strong brand in its portfolio, a company with equipment at the highest level of quality and aesthetics. The normal difficulty of joining a new company in a highly competitive environment was overcome, not only by the quality and innovation of the equipment, but also by the support and commitment of the team in the after sales service. All our requests, all our observations by our customers, found the full response of the people of the company.

Today, our equipment has been installed in more than forty Pilates Studios and we are honored to have been selected by the top clubs in our country (Tatoi Club, Ecali Club, Holmes Place).

Thanks to BASI Systems, we have gained the respect and recognition of a very demanding audience of professionals. The BASI Systems team, inspired us with its passion and dedication to create the best Pilates Equipment in the world!

But most of all, apart from the professional success, we gained close friends, with whom we hope to walk together for the next many years!

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